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“They are turning ideas into solutions in a very short time frame.”

Joel Karppi, Purchaser


FinnProfiles’ rapid sealing solution design and development is a triumph for Piikkio Works.

Piikkio Works Oy, Owned by Meyer Turku Shipyard, appreciates a snappy working rate from their subcontractors in a pre-planning phase after they secure a new order from their parent company.

As you can imagine, making a cabin every 20 minutes doesn’t give you much time to figure things out as you go. The designs with subcontractors have to be made and settled in a swift phase so the production line can start and run as planned.

“Their expertise to design customized sealing solutions is unmatched.”

“This is something that we treasure in our collaboration with FinnProfiles. They are turning ideas into solutions in a very short time frame. I think their expertise to design customized sealing solutions is unmatched,” Karppi states.

FinnProfiles supplies four different sealings for Piikkio Works’ Icon of the Seas projects this year – All of them include Post-Production services.

List of sealing solutions:

  1. Splash shield for shower room’s partition
  2. Flat gasket to seal shower room’s power socket
  3. Cabin window sealing
  4. Element sealing between cabin structures

Notable points are that the splash shield is a molded product from HTV (High Temperature Vulcanized) silicone rubber, and it also includes adhesive tape. On the other hand, the socket gasket includes adhesive tape and is punched in a desired shape. Also, all sealings are made of silicone with the specified color.

Apart from these four, additional sealings are delivered through other subcontractors, such as the cabin door’s frame and threshold sealings.

“The communication is open
and sincere.”

Unconditional requirement

One Icon of the Seas cruiser holds 2,805 passenger cabins. The first one will be presented to its owner, Royal Caribbean International, later this year.

In October, the cabin maker continues with the second Icon of the Seas cabins.

The cruiser cabins need to comply with one particular requirement. They have to be nonflammable – every single part.

“Our uncompromised requirement is that all components comply with MED (Marine equipment directive), and Finnprofiles’ sealings do that. I must say that the collaboration has been very fluent otherwise, too. Our communication is open and sincere. I have nothing negative to say about FinnProfiles.”

About Piikkio Works Oy

Piikkio Works Oy specializes in the manufacture of custom-made cabin modules. Constant product development is part of our daily operations as we aim to create new and innovative solutions now and in the future.


Luxurious cruises – The company has delivered more than 150,000 cabins and bathroom units to small and large customers around the world.

Threshold seals – The seal prevents light from entering the cabin and also isolates sound.

Škoda Transtech

Frame seals – In addition to the fire safety, the goal is to be as soundproof as possible.

In the bathroom, there are many areas that require sealing, such as the shower partition, lights, and power outlets.

Karppi says the company experienced a considerable advancement in 2017 when the new production facilities were opened. “Since then, we have been manufactured cabins on an assembly line like cars. Today, our annual production capacity is 8,000 cabins.”

Piikkio Works Oy is a subsidiary of Meyer Turku Oy.


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