Sealing Solutions
Designing Custom-made Sealing Solutions

Designing Custom-made Sealing Solutions

How we create custom-made sealing solutions?

Designing a custom-made sealing solution requires extensive knowledge of both the sealing materials and the intended use of the final product. For this reason, we will achieve the best possible result by joining forces as early as possible in the design of your product.

Before initiating the design process, we carefully familiarize ourselves with the final operating environment of your product. For example, different levels of temperature variation, as well as humidity and drought related conditions, should be considered in the design of the profiles and their material choices.

In addition, we verify the compliance with the requirements and regulations of your industry and check the required certificates.

Why is cooperation with our customers important?

As the customer is the best expert of their product, we want them to be involved in developing the solution they order. We consult our customers on the design of their own products from the sealing and insulation perspective, and help them make the right material choices.

By combining our expertise, we ensure a superb product and the best user experience. In addition to being fully functional, our customer-focused service aims at cost-effective manufacturing and timely installation of your sealing solution.

Ultimately, the overall quality of our cooperation is what counts, and our own appointed, customer-specific project manager will make sure it materializes as well!

Benefits of joint design

The sealing may often be an imperceptible part of the final product, but its functionality is almost invariably a critical part of the user experience itself. Through joint design, we can ensure the sealing:

  • Quality
  • Suitability for the intended use
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective manufacturing.

You save time and money, and avoid unnecessary compromises as we work together throughout the design process of your product.

FinnProfiles' experts will assist you with any questions you may have about sealing. Let's improve the features of your product together!