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    Vulcanized frames, rings and a lot more!
    joined seals

    With FinnProfiles’ customer-specific Post-Production Services, you ensure the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of your sealing solution. We provide high-quality finishing of the sealing on a turnkey basis.

    Joint vulcanization

    Joint vulcanization enables the manufacture of high-quality sealing frames and rings. Vulcanization is most often done mechanically using a separate joint mould.

    Joint vulcanization
    Joint vulcanization
    Joint sealing rings
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    Small batched can also be manufactured without a joint mould. We also have tensile strength test equipment to test the joints.

    Seal coatings

    Various seal coatings can improve product safety, appearance, usability, or cleaning. We have a wide range of coating solutions available to help improve the functionality of your sealing.

    In addition, we are constantly developing new coating options in cooperation with our customers.

    Sealing tapes and adhesives

    Post-Production Services also enable the utilization of tape solutions to facilitate installation.

    It is possible to attach adhesive tapes or adhesive surfaces compatible with different applications to the sealing face:

    • 2-sided adhesive tape installation
    • Heat laminated tape (for permanent installation)
    • Adhesive coating (also suitable for silicone products)

    In addition, we can further process your sealing profile:

    • With a lubricant that facilitates installation
    • With slide coating
    • By performing an anti-greying treatment
    • By flocking to prevent frizzing and adhesion

    Sealing cutting and perforation

    If you wish, we perform customer-specific machining of your sealing profiles:

    • Precise separation surface solutions
    • cut-to-size products, ranging from a few millimetres to tens of metres in size
    • Installation holes, ventilation holes for extruded sealing, etc.

    Sealing markings

    Markings enable the traceability and personalisation of a product batch and indicate the special features of a product, such as FDA eligibility.

    Laser markings
    • Manufacturing information markings by laser
    • Running profile numbering, break bulk markings
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    Extruded profiles

    Infinity sealing possibilities.

    cutted flat gaskets

    Small but crucial part of the product.

    cutted flat gaskets

    We also manufacture molded rubber products.

    post-production services

    Rings, halos, frames – You name it, we make it!