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FinnProfiles has modern extrusion lines for rubber, silicone and TPE profiles. Extrusion is a production method, in which the material is heated and softened by means of a rotating coil in an extruder. After moulding, the material is extruded through an extruder nozzle. The nozzle defines the shape of the sealing profile.

We have split our production so that the rubber and TPE seals are manufactured in Sastamala, and silicone products in our factory in Ii. In total, FinnProfiles has seven extrusion lines: three for rubber, two for TPE and two for silicone.

Factors affecting the sealing profile

FinnProfiles’ own nozzle manufacturing guarantees a quick start to your project, as well as a high quality result for your sealing profile.

In addition to the nozzle, the profile shape is influenced by:

  • Material choice
  • Extrusion rate
  • Vulcanization / solidification temperature

Extrusion method enables versatile sealing production

The largest rubber profiles can weigh up to 10 kg per meter. Collision guards for police boats serve as an example. By contrast, our smallest profiles are only 5 millimetres in diameter.

With our modern manufacturing technology, we can:

  • reinforce the attachment mechanics of your silicone profile with a metal reinforcement.
  • laminate the adhesive tape to your sealing profile.

FinnProfiles’ TPE production lines are suitable not only for traditional extrusion production but also for co-extrusion. Co-extrusion refers to a production method in which two materials with different hardness are fused into one single profile.

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Extruded profiles

Infinity sealing possibilities.

cutted flat gaskets

Small but crucial part of the product.

cutted flat gaskets

We also manufacture molded rubber products.

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