Molded products

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    Batches from 100 to 10,000 pieces!
    compression molding

    We manufacture molded rubber products from EPDM and HTV silicone according to customers’ specifications, images, and quality requirements. Thanks to a wide range of materials, we are able to serve many different industries, e.g., the construction and building industry, automotive and electronics industries. We can also manufacture products for the food and medical sectors with FDA compliance silicone materials.

    Injection molding

    We manufacture products from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) from 1g weight up to 250g weight. Generally, medium and large batch sizes are suitable for injection molding. The products can be simple sealings or complex end products.

    Our materials have BfR and FDA approvals, so they are also suitable for food and medical products.

    Other benefits of liquid silicone rubber:

    • Good UV and ozone resistance
    • Good resistance to heat and frost
    • Easy to color
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    compression molding
    Fire resistant
    materials available!
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    FDA complianced sealing materials, and more!
    compression molding

    About our materials

    Our range of materials includes FDA-approved, tear-resistant, fire-resistant, oil-resistant, and heat-resistant silicone rubbers. According to the wishes and needs of our customers, we can dye silicone rubber according to the RAL color chart and offer silicone rubber material strengths from 30 ShA to 80 ShA.

    Our production

    Our molded rubber products can weigh from 1 gram up to 150 grams and silicone products from 1 gram up to 250 grams. Here are a few examples of our products:

    • Plugs
    • Bushings
    • Gaskets
    • Covers
    • Buttons
    • Keyboards

    We also can rubberized metal components. We offer flexible series sizes from 100 to 10,000 pieces.

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    Extruded profiles

    Infinity sealing possibilities.

    cutted flat gaskets

    Small but crucial part of the product.

    cutted flat gaskets

    We also manufacture molded rubber products.

    post-production services

    Rings, halos, frames – You name it, we make it!