Seals for Rolling Stock industry

A functional sealing solution ensures travel comfort.


Custom-made seals for the rolling stock industry

The seals designed and manufactured by FinnProfiles also make traveling on the rails a pleasure. Sealing solutions for the rolling stock industry must be both secure and tight in order to meet the passenger expectations.

Thanks to our metal-reinforced silicone profiles, the seals can be attached to the structures without the need for a separate tape, glue or drape assist. In the rolling stock industry solutions, the result is always a top sealing that is resistant to vibration, impact and wear.

Safety plays a key role in the rolling stock industry

Seals for the rolling stock industry must comply with several safety standards. We meet the following fire, smoke and gas standards:

  • EN 45545-2
  • DIN 5510-2
  • NF F 16-101
  • BS 6853
  • NFPA 130