Sealing quality is everything

How do we ensure the sealing quality?

Ensuring the overall quality of the sealing begins with a careful design. For this reason, reaching out early in the design process of your product is also important from the quality perspective.

Creating a perfect sealing solution requires careful familiarization in the final operating environment of the sealing before initiating the design process. It is also important to be aware that choosing the right sealing material and production method will have a significant impact on the functionality and durability of the sealing.

In addition, we are actively investing in our production processes in order to ensure competitive delivery times and perfectly fitting seals to our customers.

The overall quality of the sealing is achieved through the following phases:

  • Early design with customer
  • Right material choices
  • Ensuring suitability
  • Quality production
  • Timely delivery
  • Easy installation

In many cases, the quality of the sealing determines the functionality of the entire product.

Ensuring the sealing tightness and suitability before actual production

We use 3D modelling of the seals in our design process, which facilitates understanding the practical functionality of the solution in a timely manner.

When manufacturing a new product, our customers always receive a model piece for approval before the actual production batch is initiated. This ensures that the sealing solution fits snugly in the sealed item and we can avoid unnecessary delays.

We also have access to two 3D printers that allow us to deliver the designed models within a few business days.

In addition, we continually test the features of our materials and seals in our own laboratory, invest in the training of our personnel, and actively invest in our machinery and equipment.

Please note! We operate under the general principles of the Responsible Care programme and are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

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