Silicone seals

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Silicone is extremely resistant to weather variation and heat!

Silicone seals are natural choice for demanding conditions due to their excellent ozone and weather resistance. Silicone seals are widely used, for example, in the shipbuilding, rail, food and construction industries.

The popularity of silicone seals are partly explained by silicone’s wide operating temperature range, which is:

  • -50 to +200 degrees Celsius in its basic composition
  • and with added compounds up to -100 to +300 degrees Celsius

Silicone seals are also resistant to aliphatic oils and have excellent electric insulation properties.

Special material mixtures improve the features of silicone seals

The mechanical strength and wear resistance of silicone rubber are somewhat inferior to other rubber types. However, its material features can be modified by producing special mixtures.

Special mixtures can improve the material:

  • Tear strength
  • Steam and thermal resistance
  • Fire behaviour

With the right mix of raw materials and product post-curing that meets the requirements, silicone can also be used to manufacture FDA approved seals.

FinnProfiles’ silicone mixtures are manufactured in-house in our own mixing plant. This allows for customer-specific customization of various features starting from small batches.

In addition, silicone can be coloured according to the RAL colour chart. A completely colourless silicone is also available.

Our hardness range is 20 ShA to 90 ShA.

Metal-reinforced silicone

We also offer metal-reinforced silicone sealing solutions, which are custom-made according to the customer requirements. The metal reinforcement (RST) makes the seal rigid and allows the seal to be installed without the need for a separate mounting solution.

Fire classified silicone

Industry-specific flammability requirements are constantly tightening. FinnProfiles has long been producing self-extinguishing silicone mixtures and seals based thereon, formerly known by a general name of LTC silicone.

The special mixtures we have developed allow us to manufacture, for example, fire classified door and window structures used by, for example, the rail and shipbuilding industries.

In response to the tightening requirements, FinnProfiles has developed industry-specific specialty mixtures that meet the industry fire standards for different industries as follows:

FP-R (Rail)

  • NF F 16-101: Classification: I2, F1
  • DIN 5510 Part 2:2003-09: Combustibility class, S4, Smoke development class, SR 2, Dripping class, ST2
  • BS 6853:1999; Vehicle cat 1b (table 7), Vehicle cat 1a (table 8)
  • EN 45545-2: 2013, R22, R23; HL1 – HL3
  • NFPA 130: (ASTM E 162, ASTM E 1354, informative only; ASTM E 662, BOEING BSS 7239, ASTM C 1166, passed)

FP-M (Marine)

  • IMO FTPC Part 2, Part 5 

FP-G (General)

  • UL 94 Vertical burning test; 94V-0
  • GOST 12.1.044-89

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