Seals for Contruction industry

Innovative sealing solutions for the construction industry and buildings.


Long-lasting sealing solutions for various construction industries

FinnProfiles is a strong operator in sealing solutions for the construction industry. Together with the customer, we are able to create expertise that combines a strong knowledge of elastomer materials with the expertise of the construction engineering industry.

We produce sealing profiles, for example:

  • For mounting on a machine
  • As two-component profiles with the help of Co-extrusion.

When we develop seals in cooperation, the result is always a long-lasting sealing desired by the construction industry.

Door and window industry sealing solutions

FinnProfiles designs and manufactures sealing solutions for the door and window industry. Our seals ensure an accurate air leakage rate for your product. The air leakage rate, in turn, has a decisive influence on the energy rating of buildings.

With the help of FinnProfiles seals, the end customers of the doors and windows also benefit from the cost savings that will be achieved by reducing wasted energy.

Seals for balcony and outdoor glass manufacturers

FinnProfiles manufactures handrail and glass seals for balcony and outdoor glass manufacturers.

Through us you can get all the handrail and glass seals you need, as well as moulded gaskets installed in the intermediate posts.

Sealing solutions for the infrastructure and civil engineering industries

FinnProfiles has developed radon sealing solutions for the construction industry, as well as grommet products that are widely used in construction.

In addition, we have long experience in railroad crossing finishing seals. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask!