Flat Gaskets

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Efficient, computer
programmed production.

The versatility and accuracy of the production method are based on its oscillating, i.e. vibrating cutting method. Often, various gaskets are made by die cutting, which always requires the production of a separate die cutting mould. With the knife cutter, the work can be initiated as soon as the drawings arrive.

We manufacture various gaskets with a computer controlled knife cutter. The cutter performs accurately with all commonly used sealing materials, such as rubber and silicone.

Drawings that can be programmed into the cutter must be submitted in .dfx file format.

Knife cutting offers many benefits

  • Our knife cutter can handle materials up to 40 millimetres thick, which is good enough for various flange and cover seals, for example.
  • Seals or insulators ending up in the equipment of electrical and energy industries do not get wet during knife cutting.
  • While the water cuts through everything, the knife cutter allows, for example, the cutting of sealing materials with an adhesive surface without damaging the protective film on the back of the product.
  • The protective film can be removed from the seals as they are used.  If there are hundreds or even thousands of seals to cut, the benefits to the customer are significant.
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Chooce another technology
Extruded profiles

Infinity sealing possibilities.

cutted flat gaskets

Small but crucial part of the product.

cutted flat gaskets

We also manufacture molded rubber products.

post-production services

Rings, halos, frames – You name it, we make it!