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Metal-reinforced sealing

silicone sealing profiles

Easy way to install your sealing.

Metal-reinforced sealing

silicone sealing profiles

Easy way to install your sealing.

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The metal-reinforced sealing profile is an easy way to install your sealing

FinnProfiles’ Metal-reinforced silicone profiles offer simple sealing and protection solution for versatile applications where enhanced sealing properties, easy installation, and durability is required.

The metal-reinforced fastening solution is available for standard and customer-specific sealing profiles. The profiles contain a ”stainless steel metal reinforcement” vulcanized inside the profile.

All our metal-reinforced fastening solutions are made of silicone, and they withstand strong vibration, shock, abrasion, and even fire!

How does it work?

The metal-reinforced silicone profile is a reliable way of fixing a sealing to an end product without the need for tape, adhesive, or a separate fixing plate or profile.

The mounting is done simply by pressing. In practice, the metal-reinforced installation groove is pressed over the edge or rim of the object. It’s easy as that!

Doable in dual- hardness!

The metal-reinforced sealing profile is also available in dual-hardness (co-extrusion), in which case the sealing itself has a different hardness than the fastening part.

This way, the sealing can be made considerably more elastic or emphasize its other properties without compromising the installation’s stability.


  • Easy to install/replace
  • Available in fire retardant silicone grades
  • Looks neat
  • Good permanence (withstand vibration, shock, and abrasion)
  • It does not require the design of a separate installation profile
  • Suitable for all silicone grades offered by FinnProfilesRecommended


  • Marine industry
  • Rail industry
  • All public transport
  • Interior protection
  • For various doors and hatches


The metal-reinforced sealing profile is an easy, safe and neat installation method. It is especially recommended for applications where the sealing needs to be replaced regularly.It is also a great choice to keep your product’s structural design minimal as possible.

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