Avant Tecno, Kimmo Ylälehto
Avant Tecno

“We have received service that has reduced our sealing costs significantly”

Kimmo Ylälehto, Sourcing Manager


Avant Tecno’s loader cabin includes three custom-made sealing solutions manufactured by FinnProfiles.

Avant Tecno is a Finnish company manufacturing compact loaders and related equipment. Their products are versatile, multi-functional machines used for various tasks, such as material handling, landscaping, construction, and farming.

Their loaders are also well-known for their agility, efficiency, and ability to use a wide range of accessory equipment, making them valuable in various industries.

“Sometimes the part has to be designed to fit and work as intended.”

Why did Avant Tecno contact FinnProfiles with its sealing needs in the first place?

“Generally, we aim to use standard components as far as possible. However, sometimes, it’s impossible, and the part has to be designed to fit and work as intended, and this was the case with our three different cabin sealings”, Avant Tecno’s Sourcing Manager, Kimmo Ylälehto, backgrounds the collaboration.

FinnProfiles’ sealing solutions for Avant Tecno:

  1. Windshield sealing
  2. Rear windows’ sealings
  3. Skylight window sealing

“They are easy to recommend.”

What do you particularly appreciate in your collaboration with FinnProfiles?

“Well, for instance, our skylight window sealing was initially a solid U-formed flat gasket produced with a water jet cutter. The production was inefficient since the huge U-formed gasket left so much material waste. I asked for ideas from FinnProfiles, and they solved the problem by cutting the gasket into three different sections and gluing it as a whole in their post-production. It was a piece of advice and service that reduced our sealing costs significantly,” Ylälehto states and continues.

“The collaboration has been otherwise too very successful. The goods are delivered as agreed, and the general communication is at an excellent level. They are easy to recommend.”


The rear window sealings are joint vulcanized as ready-to-use frames at FinnProfiles post-production.

Avant Tecno sealing

Windshield sealing is a custom EPDM rubber profile that FinnProfiles cuts in the agreed length for Avant Tecno.

Avant Tecno sealingAvant Tecno sealing

Skylight window sealing, on the other hand, is a flat gasket produced by our knife cutter. It also includes FinnProfiles’ perforation and gluing post-production services.

Avant Tecno

Avant Tecno’s headquarters is located in Ylöjärvi, Finland, with over 500 employees. Company’s machinery is used all over the world.


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