How to Design a Sealing Solution properly?

The need for customized sealing solutions has grown significantly in recent years, while manufacturers in different industries have begun to compete more than ever, boasting of the strength of their products and the user experience.

When providing these competitive advantages to our customers, we find that we are increasingly repeating our core message: “If sealing is a crucial part of your product – Let’s seal it together.” We often add these words to the end of the slogan: “…in good time.”

We are bringing this up now because many still intended to contact us at the time when the project required sealing.

It may be an exaggeration to say that there is a point after which sealing is no longer possible. Instead, it is our intention to point out that designing the perfect sealing solution at the final stage is impossible. For that reason, high-quality sealing is not a finishing touch for any product.

What should you take into account when you design a sealing?

It is good to recognize that the designed structure of the end-product actually defines the specifications for the sealing. Therefore, it is important to consider the sealing solution in the early stage of your product design process.

Also, the required material and the fastening solution are factors that affect sealings’ functions.

Therefore, a sealing solution that is jointly designed ensures the best possible result, with a focus on the following characteristics:

  • Tightness
  • Functionality
  • Visual appeal
  • Durability
  • Cost-effectiveness of manufacturing
  • Ease of installation

In addition, we can avoid unnecessary compromises and scheduling problems.

FinnProfiles is a Finnish sealing and insulation manufacturer whose production factories are located in Sastamala and Ii, Finland. FinnProfiles specializes in the design and manufacturing of unique profile solutions for companies who value superior quality and project expertise. FinnProfiles has been delivering its sealing and insulation solutions for various branches of industry, such as the construction, marine, railway, and pharmaceutical industries, all over the world for nearly thirty years.