The next step towards Japan’s rail and marine markets has been taken!


FinnProfiles’ export manager, Jarno Halme, and Shinichiro Maruyama, who represents FinnProfiles in Japan.



Finnprofiles took part in an export promotion trip to Japan at the end of last year, organised by EU Gateway. We participated in the Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017 fair during our trip, and in numerous pre-booked collaboration meetings that EU Gateway had organised for us.


One of the contacts we made during the trip was a Japanese agency company’s Group Manager for shipbuilding and railway industries, Mr Shinichiro Maruyama. The company which Maruyama represents works as a gateway to many European industrial manufacturers that are interested in Japan’s rail and marine markets.


A contact like Maruyama is a necessity when trying to break into Japan’s market, as a local representative on both sides of the table generally ensures an optimum outcome.




Shinichiro Maruyama on a production tour at FInnProfiles’ Factory in Sastamala, Finland.



Many Finnish companies may have a perception that getting into the Japanese markets can be a long, drawn-out process. However, FinnProfile approached the project with a positive mindset and it has been rewarding to see that the initiative is on track to achieve its goals.


In fact, two weeks ago Maruyama visited our factory in Sastamala to familiarise himself with our production methods and the insulation solutions we have to offer. His feedback was very positive and he was impressed by the complete service being offered by FinnProfiles’ production facilities such as, for example, the opportunities provided by their post-production services.


As FinnProfiles is focusing their export business on the rail and marine industries and all supply solutions are being tailored to meet the client’s wishes, Maruyama felt his introduction to FinnProfile’s production was extremely useful. He also finds impressive the variety of solution options which will create a great competitive advantage when working on the Japanese market.


The start of this new business collaboration was agreed during the visit. Maruyama also hinted that he might know of rail and marine industry projects into which FinnProfile’s sealing solutions could be a great fit!




The visit helped Shinichiro Maruyama to understand FinnProfiles’ production versatility and their unique insulation solutions.