Paula Anttisaari Has Been Appointed Purchaser for FinnProfiles

Paula Anttisaari monitors stock levels closely. "Production must never stop due the lack of raw materials.”
04.04.2019 |

FinnProfiles has appointed Paula Anttisaari as the company’s new purchaser from the beginning of February.


Paula has long experience in the rubber and seal industry as well as in international procurement for the machinery and equipment industry. At FinnProfiles, she will be responsible for all the company’s raw material purchases.


“FinnProfiles stocks various grades of silicone, rubber and plastic, among other things. My daily work includes, for example, tracking material orders and purchasing costs. In addition, I am responsible for tendering for the procurement of raw materials.”


FinnProfiles orders standard grades of stock from certain suppliers with whom they have a long-term customer partnership. According to Paula, this approach works well and is sustainable.


“In addition to price, quality and reliability of supply play a significant role in purchasing. Overall success is certainly best achieved through partnerships.”



Special materials are purchased according to customer needs


However, FinnProfiles’ customers often require special materials and they are ordered based on customer needs.


“Our sales team and designers always have a discussion with the customer first to make sure that designed seal confirms customer requirements the object needing to be sealed sets on the seal itself. Is the seal exposed to high temperatures or chemicals, for example? Are there special requirements for the seal’s fire resistance? Once the requirements are defined, I acquire a suitable raw material for the solution, and a prototype is produced for the customer.”





“In this job, collaboration goes in many directions.”





The best sealing solutions are found in collaboration


Paula describes her working method really crossfunctional. In FinnProfiles’ own organisation, partners include product development and sales, as well as production.


“In this job, collaboration goes in many directions. For example, production collects feedback on new batches of raw materials. My job, in turn, is to convey the information received to the material suppliers. On the other hand, I also help our sales and product development to find compliant sealing materials for customers as cost-effectively as possible.”


Raw material suppliers are also good partners in finding the right sealing solution.


“Cooperation is good when the supplier realises that FinnProfiles’ customers are those they are ultimately serving.”