Vahterus, Vesa Kuusisto
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“We value the service that we receive as a customer”

Vesa Kuusisto, Technical Purchaser


Since its founding in 1990, Vahterus has gradually become a globally recognized provider of innovative heat exchanger solutions. FinnProfiles, in turn, has the privilege of being part of its journey.

Vahterus, a Finnish company specializing in heat exchanger technology, has unprecedented momentum in its hands. All products that the company positively can manufacture have been sold long ago.

“I would say our current challenges are upbeat-flavored. Energy is precious all over the world. If there is a process that wastes it, pretty soon someone will want to utilize it, and our products are the way to do it,” states Technical Purchaser Vesa Kuusisto.

The product that Kuusisto is referring is the Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE), invented by Vahterus, which combines the advantages of both traditional shell and tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers.

PSHE’s idea is quite simple. The excess heat energy is directed to the PSHE, and a medium through the piping transfers the energy to the next place. The medium can be whatever, water, oil, gas, you name it. The basic requirement is that it could be moved through pressured pipping.

“Since the seal is exposed to the medium, the choice of material is particularly crucial.”

That’s great! What about seals, then? Does your PSHEs include any of those?

“Actually, all our products don’t contain seals, but for those that do, the seals play a critical role.”

What is the purpose of the seals in those that include them?

“Briefly, the seals control the flow of the medium in the shell side of heat exchanger.”

Does Vahterus have any specific requirements for its seals?

“Since the seal is exposed to the medium, the choice of material is particularly crucial. Temperature and pressure also affect the choice of seal material. Currently, we order dozens of different seal types made of EPDM and nitrile rubber from FinnProfiles, as well as a few different silicone seals.”

How has the cooperation with FinnProfiles been?

“Generally, I would say that we order so many different materials on an annual basis that we can’t work with a company that makes mistakes. In the case of FinnProfiles, we are especially satisfied with their delivered quality, skilled personnel, and overall flexibility. All in all, we value the service that we receive as a customer.”

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The rush is intense, but Technical Purchaser Vesa Kuusisto could still squeeze in a visit to their headquarters in Kalanti, near Uusikaupunki.

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Working on some larger-scale Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger. Vahterus currently has a total of over 18,000 square meters of production space, with an additional 5,000 square meters under construction. The Company employs over 500 people in Finland, USA, China and other locations.

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Vahterus manufactures approximately 4000 different PSHEs per year, most of which end up being exported.

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The company uses mainly EPDM and nitrile rubber in their sealings.

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Some products include also silicone profiles.


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