Škoda Group, Pasi Häkkinen

“We can rely on that our seals are of top quality and delivered on time”

Pasi Häkkinen, Purchasing Engineer


FinnProfiles’ seals are essential to Škoda Group’s ForCity Smart Artic trams’ travel comfort and safety.

As you can imagine, passenger comfort and safety are Škoda Group’s top priorities. Both of them are often finished with high-quality seals.

FinnProfiles’ sealing solutions can be found in Tampere and Helsinki trams. For example, all the window seals are the work of FinnProfiles. In addition, the cockpit’s windshield and window seals, outer wall panel seals, and bow rubbers are supplied by FinnProfiles.

“The most important criteria for seals are quality, safety, and delivery reliability. We feel that we can rely on FinnProfiles that our seals are of top quality and delivered on time,” Häkkinen says and continues in almost the same breath.

“In addition, it must be stated that I also remember cases where we have needed seals as an urgent delivery, and FinnProfiles has always acted in a truly exemplary manner.”

On the other hand, the importance of quality is emphasized because the seals are exposed to extreme weather conditions, wearing, and, unfortunately, sometimes, also pure vandalism.

“If the seals don’t hold or if they break down easily, it quickly affects travel comfort, for example, in the form of draft and noise carried from the outside. Also, the general appearance of the tram suffers if seals are in sloppy condition,” Häkkinen points out.

Safety has been taken into account in the selection of materials. All seals supplied by FinnProfiles are made from materials that comply with the fire, smoke, and gas standard of the railway industry (EN 45545-2).

“We also appreciate that FinnProfiles can act as a consulting partner in our direction in issues related to seals. Whether it’s the material choice or the technical structure implementation, we can count on them to support our design team in matters related to seals, Häkkinen concludes.

Raide Jokeri underway: The last meters are approaching. The trams of the Raide Jokeri project are also test driven in Otanmäki on Škoda Group’s test track.

Outer panel seals Škoda Group’s Purchasing Engineer Pasi Häkkinen is introducing the seals between the outer wall panels, which FinnProfiles manufacture.

Škoda Transtech

Raide Jokeri: It takes about six months to manufacture one tram from start to finish in the serial production phase.

Post-Production Services: Raide Joker’s windshields contain seals manufactured by FinnProfiles. The sealing profiles in question have been post-produced into ready-made frames with vulcanized joints.


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