How do we guarantee the quality and compatibility of your seal?


The all-round quality of the sealing profile begins with careful design. This means that, from a quality point of view, it is important that you contact us already during the early stages of your design process.


In order for us to be able to offer you a perfect sealing solution, we will learn everything we possibly can about your product's final operation environment before we start to design your solution. Factors such as varying temperatures, moisture and dryness must be taken into account when designing the profiles and selecting the materials used.


Moreover, we will secure compatibility by familiarizing ourselves with the regulations and other requirements in your line of business, while also finding out what certificates are going to be required.





When designing the solution, we use 3D-modelling, a great tool that helps visualize the solution's true functionality early on.


As we create a new product, we will always provide our customer with a sample before we start manufacturing the actual production batch. By doing that, we make sure that the solution really does suit our customer’s products. This way any unwanted delays can also be avoided.


Furthermore, we continuously test the properties of our materials and seals in our own laboratory. We offer our employees training and actively invest in our machinery and equipment.


We believe that all-round top quality is the key to a long-lasting customer relationship.



Take notice!

We comply with the guiding principles of the Responsible Care programme in all our activities and we are ISO 9001:2015 quality certificated company.

ISO 9001-2015