Polarteknik, Mika Korhonen
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“The quality is good, and deliveries are on time!”

Mika Korhonen, Polarteknik’s Business Development


Polarteknik, based in Finland, manufactures reliable, sustainable, high-quality interior door systems for the world’s leading train manufacturers. As you can imagine, seals play a significant role in their door solutions!

Polarteknik and FinnProfiles have collaborated since the early 2000s. Around the same time, Mika Korhonen began working at Polarteknik, where he currently serves as the company’s Business Developer.

We met Mika at Polarteknik’s headquarters in Huittinen and asked a few questions about collaboration.

First, could you tell us a little about Polarteknik’s products?

“Well, we produce approximately 4000–5000 train door systems annually, primarily delivered to Central Europe. The systems can be single—or double-leaf doors or telescopic, curved, and hinged doors. Additionally, we manufacture gangway cassettes, toilet, and cabin doors, each with its own specific requirements,” Korhonen lists.

“Seals contribute to passenger comfort and are associated with many safety aspects.”

How significant role do seals play in your products?

“Each of our door systems contains several meters of seals, so in that sense, seals are a significant part of the structure of our products. Additionally, they contribute to passenger comfort and are associated with many safety aspects, in case of fire and smoke, for instance, that we must consider.”

“The collaboration works extremely well!”

How has the collaboration with FinnProfiles gone so far? What do you particularly appreciate about it?

“The collaboration works extremely well! The quality is good, and deliveries are on time. On the other hand, we can rely on the fact that our seals are manufactured according to all required standards. In fact, FinnProfiles was one of the first companies to meet our needs when Europe transitioned from national material standards to unified standards.”

Read more about Polarteknik’s products and services on their website.

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FinnProfiles supplies several different sealing materials and profiles to Polarteknik. All of them comply with the EN 45545-2 standard.

Avant Tecno sealing

Supplied sealings also include strips to prevent draft and smoke in case of fire.

Avant Tecno sealingAvant Tecno sealing

Polarteknik uses several kilometers of sealing material every year.

Avant Tecno

Polarteknik’s employee is installing a window seal frame.


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