FinnProfiles’ sealing solutions around Q-Flow’s light rings. In this picture, three seals are visible, one of them bright and the other two a dark shade of grey.

Merivaara’s Award-Winning Surgical Light Is Finished to Perfection, and Its Sealing Solution Is not an Exception

To create an exceptional product, top performance in every single aspect of R&D is an absolute must. That is why health technology expert Merivaara only works with partners that are recognized for their high quality.

Merivaara’s R&D and Product Manager Mr Jyrki Nieminen is pleased, and for good reason. The company’s latest innovation is a tremendous success, no matter how you look at it.

Q-Flow was introduced last spring, and it has since won two prestigious international design awards, namely the Red Dot and the Fennia Prize Grand Prix. The surgical light has been received well by the industry, particularly so in Britain, where surgeons have been more than thrilled by this new innovation developed in Finland.

In addition to its technical aspects, Q-Flow is cutting-edge – perhaps surprisingly – owing to its design. The new surgical light has been developed for hospital operating rooms, which are known for their strict standards on hygiene: the operating room (OR) environment has to be practically sterile.

In principle, Q-Flow is formed by two ring-like structures. In layman’s eyes, it might look like aesthetics and stylishness have been taken to the next level for no obvious reason, but the truth will strike you by surprise: in fact, the distinctive design has been made with operational perfection in mind.

In today’s operating rooms, clean air enters the room through inlets in the ceiling, while dirty air is removed through outlets closer to floor level. By means of efficient air circulation, harmful bacteria can be kept away from patients undergoing open surgery.

“Thanks to its design, Q-Flow allows air to flow through it, so that air will not circulate above the patient,” explains Nieminen. “This enhances the patient’s safety during operation.”

Another benefit brought about by the design of Q-Flow is reduced surface area.

“It will collect less dirt than many conventional solutions. At the same time, of course, Q-Flow is a real treat for the eyes,” adds Nieminen.

“The sealing profile solution developed by FinnProfiles was tailor-made for Q-Flow. It is completely seamless and therefore perfectly supports the product’s requirements for hygiene.”

Jyrki Nieminen, Merivaara’s R&D & Product Manager

Jyrki Nieminen
Merivaara’s R&D and Product Manager Mr Jyrki Nieminen with Q-Flow.

Perfect All the Way until Its Sealing

Since it is of utmost importance to minimize the spreading of dirt and bacteria in OR environments, the sealing solutions used in a surgical light must be cutting-edge as well.

According to Nieminen, Q-Flow contains three large seals produced by FinnProfiles, each of them critical when it comes to the level of hygiene offered by the product. And what’s more, the seals are also part of the surgical light’s visual appearance.

“In short, sealing prevents unwanted dirt from moving either in or out of the surgical light. Another requirement we set for the solution was that the seals would have to match the design of the product.”

With matching seals, Merivaara also wanted to ensure that Q-Flow would not have any extra corners in it, because dirt and bacteria would inevitably find their way on them. Additionally, it is now easy to clean those parts of the surgical light where the seals are located.

“The sealing profile solution developed by FinnProfiles was tailor-made for Q-Flow. It is completely seamless and therefore perfectly supports the product’s requirements for hygiene.”

In addition to OR surgical lights, Merivaara’s product portfolio includes plenty of other solutions, including image management systems, hospital beds and operating tables. Dozens of subcontractors are involved in the production of Merivaara’s solutions. According to Nieminen, the company has a strict requirement for each and every one of its suppliers: they must be top players in their line of business.

“For instance, we would never have known what the best possible sealing material and solution for Q-Flow might be,” says Nieminen. “FinnProfiles found them for us and helped us meet the high expectations of our customers.”

FP FinnProfiles Oy is a Finnish sealing and insulation manufacturer whose production factories are located in Sastamala and Ii, Finland. FinnProfiles is specialized in the design and manufacturing of unique profile solutions for companies who value superior quality and project expertise.

Merivaara group is a leader in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, with surgery room solutions being a key focus and growth area. The company was established in 1901, and with its metal beds, improved hospital hygiene significantly. Today, Merivaara’s software, equipment and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals.