Meet Our New Sales Manager Ninnu Laaksonen: “I Want To Help Our Customers To Be Even More Successful”

Ninnu promises to do her best in serving customers and meeting their expectations, and she also hopes to be helpful for the entire sales team of FinnProfiles.
24.05.2018 |

FinnProfiles has appointed Ninnu Laaksonen as its new Sales Manager. Previously, Ninnu worked as a Customer Service Coordinator at FinnProfiles.


When the position of Sales Manager opened in FinnProfiles, Ninnu saw it as a welcome opportunity. Working with customers is among the things she most wants from a job.


– I’m a sociable person and not being afraid of people is an asset for a Sales Manager, of course. As a Customer Service Coordinator, I acquired lot of knowledge about our customers and their products, and this certainly comes in handy.


Indeed, the new Sales Manager is very happy that the new job opportunity opened up at FinnProfiles.


– It’s great to be able to learn more about the products and procedures of the companies whose names became very familiar to me over the last few years.





“My goal is not simply to sell sealing solutions – I also want to help our customers to be even more successful.”





A Customer-Oriented Sales Manager


Ninnu believes the tasks of a Customer Service Coordinator were an ideal way to prepare herself for her new tasks as a Sales Manager.


At FinnProfiles, Customer Service Coordinators process all the email and phone traffic concerning customer orders. Customer Service Coordinators also largely coordinate the communication between the Sales Manager, production, quality assurance, dispatch centre and customers.


– In my previous position at FinnProfiles, I learned about the different needs customers can have in relation to production and schedules, but also what fulfilling them requires from our own organisation. I believe this experience will prove useful to me and above all to our customers.


As a Sales Manager, Ninnu will work close to the customer interface and participate in problem solving with customers. In addition to offer calculation, her job involves tasks such as developing new sealing and insulation solutions in collaboration with customers.


Ninnu says that she has a very customer-oriented approach towards the role of a Sales Manager.


– By a customer-oriented approach I mean that I want my customers to feel my presence and to be aware that I genuinely care about their production-related problems and challenges. My goal is not simply to sell sealing solutions – I also want to help our customers to be even more successful.


Finally, Ninnu wants to thank the entire good-spirited work community of FinnProfiles where people from different departments help each other out in case of questions.


– Things proceed quickly because we solve problems together. This is team work!