FinnProfiles has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol!

FinnProfiles has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol!
 | 11.01.2022

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded FinnProfiles the Key Flag Symbol.

The Key Flag verifies that our seals and post-production services are manufactured and produced in Finland.

“The symbol contains an important message about our Finnish roots, which we want to highlight in our operations to our stakeholders. In addition, Finnish quality has an excellent reputation globally, so obviously, this is something that we wish to communicate to our foreign customers as well,” Mika Kinnunen, FinnProfiles’ Head of Sales, commentates the acknowledgment.

According to the Association for Finnish Work’s study, virtually all business decision-makers and consumers are familiar with the Key Flag Symbol in Finland. Most Finns also believe that The Key Flag positively affects their purchasing decisions, and about half of Finns relate responsibility with the symbol.

About 5,000 products, product groups, or services carry the Key Flag Symbol.

FinnProfiles is a Finnish sealing and insulation manufacturer whose production factories are located in Sastamala and Ii, Finland. FinnProfiles is specialized in the design and manufacturing of unique profile solutions for companies who value superior quality and project expertise.

We have been delivering our sealing and insulation solutions for various branches of industry, such as the construction, marine, railway, and pharmaceutical industries, all over the world for over thirty years.