FinnProfiles Has Appointed Mr Jouko Kolehmainen as Its First Production Director

22.03.2018 |

Production Director is a completely new title in the FinnProfiles organization. For its holder, the post will undoubtedly be a great challenge.


“Actually, that’s exactly the way I want it to be,” Mr Jouko Kolehmainen declares with a big smile on his face.


His appointment has just been announced, and he’s got a very good feeling about the challenge he’s about to face. To be more accurate, he’s feeling a great deal of trust towards the people facing the challenge with him.


“At FinnProfiles, the work atmosphere at the administrative level is fantastic,” he says. “Meanwhile, I can see plenty of potential among the production staff as well.”


Production management is going to be not only a great challenge, but also a necessary one, as FinnProfiles’ sealing solutions are now selling better than ever before.


“It is crucial that our production is able to meet this rising demand. My job is to make sure we can pull it off.”


As Production Director, Kolehmainen will work with a team of seven talented individuals. He will be focusing on various aspects of FinnProfiles’ daily production-related operations, including purchasing, profile production, and processing.


“We need to guarantee that our raw materials arrive when scheduled, and that our machines, equipment and personnel are all up to par. This way, we’re going to be as efficient as we need to be.”


According to Kolehmainen, comprehensive results are achieved through a gradual change, one piece at a time.


“It is the job of me and my team to find as many issues as we can, and then find the solutions, make the decisions and fix these issues. When put together, all these improvements will result in a significant contribution to our operation as a whole.”





“Fundamentally, this is all about problem solving, and when you can get your entire staff to join you and solve the problems together, great things can be achieved.”





FinnProfiles tuotanto


Mr Kolehmainen plans to listen to the employees as closely as possible to learn about their needs.






Happy Employee Is a Committed Employee


Kolehmainen joined FinnProfiles’ ranks three years ago as Sales Manager. Before that, he spent a couple of years working as a headhunter, which was preceded by a five-year post in Estonia, where he was developing the production, marketing and product development of three local furniture producers.


Aided by his experience, Kolehmainen believes that he can make a significant contribution to FinnProfiles’ business in his new role.


However, since this is the first time his employer has appointed a Production Director, it will take some time before the true nature of the position is formed.


“In the beginning, I’m going to be doing quite a lot of things throughout the organization, because that way I can gain a thorough understanding of its inner workings,” he explains. “Later on, I will be steering towards a more narrowly defined set of specific challenges.”


What Kolehmainen can already tell us is that one of his goals will be to increase the participation rate of FinnProfiles’ employees in developing the company as a whole.


Thanks to his personality, the man is easy to approach, so employees will have a low threshold for talking to him about the issues they are facing in their everyday work.


“According to my experience, even the smallest of things can have an effect on how the employee feels about their work. Now they have a chance to speak out, and I can promise them that I will spare no effort in helping them with any issues they might have. At the end of the day, a happy employee is also a committed employee.”


During our interview, Kolehmainen’s enthusiasm is almost tangible. We can see that he is excited about his latest challenge.


“Production development is so fascinating because no matter how good something gets, there will always be room for further improvement. Fundamentally, this is all about problem solving, and when you can get your entire staff to join you and solve the problems together, great things can be achieved.”